Philosophy @ Hanover College

Philosophy Faculty

John Ahrens (Ph.D., Iowa)
Professor of Philosophy and Department Chair
304 CLA | (812) 866-7223 | email | homepage
Teaching areas: Ethics, political philosophy, history of philosophy, philosophy of law

Jared Bates (Ph.D., Missouri)
Associate Professor of Philosophy
307 CLA | (812) 866-7257 | email | homepage
Teaching areas: Logic, epistemology, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science

Don Carrell (Ph.D., Emory)
Associate Professor of Philosophy
203 LYN | (812) 866-7225 | email
Teaching areas: Ancient Greek philosophy, ancient Indian philosophy, ethical theory

Vicki Jenkins (Ph.D., Notre Dame)
Associate Professor of Philosophy
305 CLA | (812) 866-6844 | email
Teaching areas: Eastern philosophy and ethics

Katherine Johnson (Ph.D., Boston College)
Professor of Philosophy
313 CLA | (812) 866-7217 | email
Teaching areas: Feminist philosophy, history of philosophy, contemporary continental philosophy

Robert Rosenthal (Ph.D., Maryland)
Professor of Philosophy
311 CLA | (812) 866-7216 | email
Teaching areas: Philosophy of religion, environmental philosophy, philosophy of art

Aimin Shen (Ph.D., Southern Illinois University Carbondale)
Associate Professor of Philosophy
306 CLA | (812) 866-7226 | email
Teaching areas: Chinese/comparative philosophy and metaphysics


Emeritus Faculty

Jan Smucker (Ph.D., Michigan State)
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy

Henry van Leeuwen (Ph.D., Iowa)
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy

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